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Baby Badger Goes Dutch!

31 Jul

Look what arrived in the post! It’s Dasje’s Mooie Nacht, aka Baby Badger’s Wonderful Night in Dutch. It was published there in the spring.

My favourite part of the translation is ‘Hoog in de lucht twinkelen de sterren’ (Up in the sky, tiny stars were sparkling).

Twinkelen de sterren just sounds so lovely…although how it’s meant to sound probably sounds completely different to the way I read it in my head.

Hope you enjoy it, Holland.

Baby Badger Goes Thai!

31 Jul

Got an email from my editor at Gullane last week, letting me know that Baby Badger’s Wonderful Night has sold to Thai publisher Plan for Kids. Exciting news! Khob-kun-ka*, Thailand. And if you need me to come over for a launch, or a signing or anything, just let me know… <hopeful>

*Khob-kun-ka means thank you in Thai. But only if you’re a girl. Otherwise it’s Khob-kun-krub.

Baby Badger on CBeebies

23 Jul

Image from BBC Website.

<<sounds the Exciting News klaxon>>

Baby Badger’s Wonderful Nightwill be appearing on an upcoming episode of CBeebies Bedtime Stories! Woop, woop! As yet there are no details of when it’s going to be broadcast, or even who’s going to be reading it, but recording is apparently happening later this month, so I should know more soon.

I’ll let you know more details when I have them.

The Best Badger Birthday Cake – Ever!

2 Jul

This weekend, my lovely brother, sister-in-law and niece came to stay. And look what they gave me when they arrived! This is quite possibly the most awesome birthday* cake I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s my book, made into a cake! Amazes! (Although it did feel a bit mean to eat Baby Badger’s head, and I couldn’t quite bring myself to do it).

It was all completely gluten-free too (you couldn’t tell) and tasted FANTASTIC, lemony sponge goodness. Mmmmm. So thank you to Lucy, cake-maker extraordinaire, and thank you to the Saunders contingent, who got it for me. You’re all marvellous.

If you want to see what other tasty treats Lucy can make, take a look at Lucy’s Cake Boutique, her website is  here.

*It was a belated celebration cake, as my birthday was a few weeks ago.