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Baby Badger’s Chinese Night

25 Sep

My lovely editor at Gullane sent me the Chinese copy of Baby Badger’s Wonderful Night the other week, which was exciting to see.  It’s amazing thinking of children in China reading my book.  Several people have asked me, ‘Do they have badgers in China?’ and the answer is yes!  You can read more about them on the badger Wiki page here. Apparently they’re a bit of a crop nuisance in Northern China but um, we’ll just brush over that. And perhaps also the bit where it says badgers are <whispers> eaten.

There are also a couple of bonus pages at the back connected to the book somehow, which I didn’t write. Due to having absolutely no understanding of the Chinese language I have absolutely no idea what they are, or what they’re saying…

The Proofs Are Out!

24 Sep

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for ages, but we’ve been reshuffling our upstairs rooms and my study has resembled a jumble sale, with the leads for the camera lost somewhere between a pile of old bills and a stack of teetering books. And I didn’t want to write this post without the accompanying photos (No, I don’t have one of those fancy new-fangled phones which mean you don’t have to use old skool cameras. My phone has dinosaur claw marks on it).

Anyhoo, look what the lovely folks at Templar sent me a couple of weeks ago. It’s the proofs for Me, Suzy P! And a print out of what the cover will look like too. These will go out to bookshops and reviewers and book fairs prior to the actual book being printed, so they can hopefully decide they like it and want to buy/stock/review it.

It’s *very* exciting. Although I confess I did pick up the proof and flick through it, thinking to myself, ‘Did I really write all those words? It looks like an *awful* lot…’

Novel News!

4 Sep

Recently I was procrastinating wildly and putting my name into Amazon (it’s something I like to do every so often, don’t judge me, okay?) when I noticed after I typed in Karen Saunders, there was a new book there. No, not the one about the bread machines (don’t get me started on the irony of my namesake, who writes about bread when I have a rampant and highly irritating gluten intolerance), but it was, in fact,  <drumroll> my novel! Squeee! Up on Amazon, and on Waterstones, for all the world to see. Gulp. You can see the new cover on the right of this page. Yep, just over there, above the badgers —->. And if you click on it, you’ll be taken to the Amazon page.

According to the Waterstones page here, which has a countdown on it, as of today, there are 119 days left to go until it’s out. And yes, it’s a while until January, but this year is flying by…

Badger Rescue!

3 Sep

Badger on the patio.

So on Saturday morning, there we were, eating our breakfast, when the phone rang. It was the lovely neighbours next door, saying they had a slight problem. There was a badger, stuck on their patio and not moving. Did we have any ideas on how to get it off the patio?

Ever since we moved into our house we’ve known there are badgers in the garden. We can see their trails over the grass, and there’s evidence of them all over the place, but we’ve never managed to actually see them, despite extensive stake outs in the gardens during the summer months. So we jumped at the chance to go and see one in real life.

Off we all traipsed next door, and the badger was looking very sorry for itself, shaking in the corner of the patio. The Badger Trust had been called, but they were over half an hour away and needed to get up. It had probably come down from the top of the garden, so we thought if we could direct it back it would be much happier and could just move off. But Badger didn’t want to move. At all. Despite the husband building it an extensive and impressive ‘Badger Run’ to guide it, using board and garden chairs. (You shouldn’t ever go too near badgers, as they can be a dangerous).

Eventually the people from Badger Trust arrived, carrying a cage and a loop on a stick with which to capture it. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was slightly surprised to see them rock up in normal clothes in their Ford Focus. Anyway, the second they got near the badger with the cage, he regained all mobility, darted around the crowd of people on the patio, and sprinted off at speed. The Badger man was not happy, declaring it to be the first that had ever got away from him. We had a good look around, but couldn’t find the badger, so fingers crossed he was fine and made his way back to the sett. The Badger Trust people then left to see an American raccoon that had been captured not too far away. Trufax.

So all in all, a rather entertaining Saturday morning.