Me, Suzy P, launched into the world…

Last Thursday I was very nervous. Very, extremely nervous. Why? Because the day had finally come to launch Me, Suzy P, out into the world. And snow was forecast to come. I had visions of me, standing in a bookshop by myself, watching tumbleweed roll past into a snowdrift. It seemed a very Suzy thingContinue reading “Me, Suzy P, launched into the world…”

Me, Suzy P Blog Tour – Day Five

It’s the last day of my blog tour, and I’m shedding a tear at the thought of leaving my wonderful, yet imaginary, tour bus behind me. I’d just like to say thank you to all the lovely blog peeps who’ve hosted me this week. However, I’m going out with a bang, and today I’m overContinue reading “Me, Suzy P Blog Tour – Day Five”

Blog Tour, Day Four – Readaraptor

It’s the penultimate day of blog tour now, and I’m going to be very sad to leave my imaginary tour bus behind. I’ve got rather attached to it these last few days. (Note to self: get out more). Anyway, today I’m talking about Me, Suzy P over at Readaraptor and giving a low down onContinue reading “Blog Tour, Day Four – Readaraptor”

Blog Tour, Day Three – I Want to Read That

Today the Me, Suzy P Blog Tour tour bus* cruises to a stop at I Want to Read That. Read the wisdom of Suzy P as she offers her suggestions for avoiding embarrassment in public. Although she’s possibly not the best such person to be giving this advice, as she embarrasses herself constantly. If you’reContinue reading “Blog Tour, Day Three – I Want to Read That”