Blowing My Own Trumpet!

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As I said in my post yesterday, I’ve got a novel coming out. I’ve known about it for a few months, but didn’t want to say anything about it until it was all definite. And now it is, so I can, and I’ve just finished the edits they asked for. So I’m currently waiting, gnawing my fingernails nervously, to hear from my editor and find out whether or not she’s happy with what I’ve done.

The book is being published by Templar, who are based in Surrey. I went over to meet them in March, and they were super nice, taking me out to lunch, telling me they loved my novel, and giving me free books. What could be better? It’s currently scheduled for release in January 2013, and is called Me, Suzy P.  It’s aimed predominately at girls aged 10+. (Boys can read it too, though, natch). I’ll let you know when it’s available to pre-order.

It’s a two book deal, so I’m starting to think about book two, which is a sequel to Me, Suzy P. At the moment, all that’s missing is a plot. A minor detail, right? *panics* I need to get writing pretty quickly, so here’s hoping inspiration strikes soon…

Published by Karen Saunders

I'm a writer for children and teenagers. I'm the author of the Me, Suzy P series, and just like Suzy, I'm a walking disaster area. I also suffer from embarrassment-itis. Ask me about the time I got my nose broken in a tickling fight, or ended up in plaster after opening a window or fell in a huge hole or walked into a lamp-post. There are loads more, as well... I'm also the author of the picture book Baby Badger's Wonderful Night. I have little in common with badgers.

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