A Room of One’s Own

Yesterday I had a very lovely day. Along with two of my best friends, we left our respective kids with the husbands, and went out for a day. We shopped (I got two new dresses, perhaps going some way towards finding a new sense of style, number #14 on my bucket list), had lunch and then…then we made lampshades. Oh yes. There’s a fantastic craft emporium called The Makery near where I live, and they offer workshops on a huge variety of things, including lampshade making.

Lampshade made by my own fair hands.

This is my finished product. I’m *very* proud of it. Apparently, lampshades made in this kind of material can sell for £50+! In fact, all of the completed lampshades looked like they could be sold in very posh shops for vast amounts of money.  It was fantastic, seeing how they all turned out. And now I want to make more! A lampshade for every room in the house! (Relatives, look away now. You may be getting these for Christmas).  You can see how excited I am just from the annoying amount of exclamation marks I’ve used in this paragraph.

My lampshade is going to be put in my new study, which I’m super excited about. A room! Just for me! Husband is very bitter about this, because his PC actually lives in, um, a cupboard. (Not even one of those fancy cupboards that turn into a desk. It’s an actual cupboard on the floor. But in my defence, he hardly ever uses that one, he’s on the netbook most of the time. ) My new study is going to be the room I write in, plus I’m also planning on setting up my sewing machine in there, so I can make all sorts of marvellous things (just need to learn to use it first), thus completing number #16 on my bucket list. I’m writing this in the old room, which is about to be painted, and I’m surrounded by boxes of books, piles of paper, duvets, pillows, and all sorts of other mess. It’s making me want to spasm, so I’m counting down the days until my new study will be ready to move into. It’ll be a while before everything gets done and decorated and sorted, we’ve a lot of painting and stuff to do first, but the lampshade is the first step…

Published by Karen Saunders

I'm a writer for children and teenagers. I'm the author of the Me, Suzy P series, and just like Suzy, I'm a walking disaster area. I also suffer from embarrassment-itis. Ask me about the time I got my nose broken in a tickling fight, or ended up in plaster after opening a window or fell in a huge hole or walked into a lamp-post. There are loads more, as well... I'm also the author of the picture book Baby Badger's Wonderful Night. I have little in common with badgers.

4 thoughts on “A Room of One’s Own

  1. I love it! It’s amazing. I can’t wait to see the finished room. My ‘own’ room is green and purple and has the Mona Lisa in it. I am sat it in right now, all I have to do is some actual writing…

  2. As one of the husbands I concur, very neat and professional looking, they really do look the business!

  3. Wow, a room of one’s own! I have a corner of my own for my sewing machine and fabric – it good to have a place that is all yours. Love the lampshade, couldn’t bring myself to look away!

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