Baby Badger on CBeebies – THIS WEEK!

BabyBadger V2Further to my post back in the summer, Baby Badger’s Wonderful Night is now scheduled to appear on CBeebies Bedtime Stories this Thursday, 20th December, at 6.50pm.

I was super excited to see it’s being read by Floella Benjamin, who I used to watch on Playschool when I was a youngling. So cool! I can’t wait to see it…

Published by Karen Saunders

I'm a writer for children and teenagers. I'm the author of the Me, Suzy P series, and just like Suzy, I'm a walking disaster area. I also suffer from embarrassment-itis. Ask me about the time I got my nose broken in a tickling fight, or ended up in plaster after opening a window or fell in a huge hole or walked into a lamp-post. There are loads more, as well... I'm also the author of the picture book Baby Badger's Wonderful Night. I have little in common with badgers.

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