Me, Suzy P, launched into the world…

21 Jan

Signing the books (sparkly pink pen, natch)

Last Thursday I was very nervous. Very, extremely nervous. Why? Because the day had finally come to launch Me, Suzy P, out into the world. And snow was forecast to come. I had visions of me, standing in a bookshop by myself, watching tumbleweed roll past into a snowdrift. It seemed a very Suzy thing to happen, what with disaster stalking her every move.

But…the snow held off just long enough until the next morning, and people came. My lovely friends, and some equally lovely people I’d not met before, ventured out into the night to help me celebrate the release of Suzy into the wild.


The inspiration for the book and my most embarrassing moments…EVER!

We were at the wonderous Mr B’s Emporium at Bath, and they did SUCH a fantastic job, I couldn’t have asked for better. There were sweets. Oh, so many sweets. Jelly babies and smarties and flumps and strawberry laces, and everyone was on a sugar high (which is never a bad thing).

I’d made a mood board which gave people an insight into the inspiration behind Me, Suzy P, which also featured a playlist for the book  and my top ten most embarrassing moments. These involve falling over a lot, injuring myself a lot and made me realise I’ve spent a lifetime making an absolute donkey of myself. Ah, happy days.

I did my talky bit and although I hate public speaking and wanted to throw up before hand, I didn’t a) die b) fall over c) vomit , so I’m definitely chalking that up as a success. I signed lots of books, so many in fact that my gorgeous sparkly pink pen ran out of ink.

jelly babies

So many sweets!

It was a lovely evening, and I’m super touched that so many people came out to support me, so if you were one of them, thank you SO much. You rock.

3 Responses to “Me, Suzy P, launched into the world…”

  1. Dottie Richards January 22, 2013 at 12:03 am #

    Lovely so happy it went well for you. My heart is with you. Have more faith in yourself. I am so proud to know you. Love and hugs Dottie

  2. Clair February 11, 2013 at 9:09 pm #

    My daughter is currently reading your book, it’s so nice to hear her actually laughing hysterically while reading. Thank you getting her back into reading.

    • Karen Saunders February 11, 2013 at 9:12 pm #

      Clair, thank you SO, So much for this message, it means the world to me. Reading is such a wonderful thing, I’m so pleased if I help in a very small way to help her find enjoyment in books again!

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