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FREE Sample Chapter: Suzy P and The Trouble With Three

1 Feb

Suzy P 2


At the moment I’m doing a lot of promotion for the third Suzy P book, Suzy P and the Trouble With Three. But did you know that although they form a series, all three Suzy books can be read as standalones? If you’ve not caught up with the other books yet, well, what are you waiting for?

In the meantime, you can read the first chapter of the second story featuring Suzy and her mates, Suzy P and the Trouble With Three, here.

Me, Suzy P in Girl Talk Magazine

29 Dec

Suzy P Girl Talk smallWanna see my book bouncing off the heads of JLS? Then check out the newest issue of Girl Talk magazine, which is out now.

Me, Suzy P is featured on page 9, in the feature Stuff We Love, and they call it ‘a must-read’. Thanks, guys!

(Click on the pic to make it bigger.)

The Best Badger Birthday Cake – Ever!

2 Jul

This weekend, my lovely brother, sister-in-law and niece came to stay. And look what they gave me when they arrived! This is quite possibly the most awesome birthday* cake I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s my book, made into a cake! Amazes! (Although it did feel a bit mean to eat Baby Badger’s head, and I couldn’t quite bring myself to do it).

It was all completely gluten-free too (you couldn’t tell) and tasted FANTASTIC, lemony sponge goodness. Mmmmm. So thank you to Lucy, cake-maker extraordinaire, and thank you to the Saunders contingent, who got it for me. You’re all marvellous.

If you want to see what other tasty treats Lucy can make, take a look at Lucy’s Cake Boutique, her website is  here.

*It was a belated celebration cake, as my birthday was a few weeks ago.


Books I Love: The Hunger Games

16 Jan

I resisted reading The Hunger Games for a long time, so I know I’m coming to this super late, but wow, this book is amazing.

I don’t get a lot of reading time at the moment (being a mother to a tornado toddler) but I’ve devoured the first two in this YA trilogy in record time and am currently finishing the third.

Katniss is sixteen and lives with her mother and sister in one of the poorest districts of what used to be the United States. Each district must send one boy and one girl as a tribute to take part in the annual Hunger Games, a televised reality show where the last one left standing (i.e. alive) is the winner. When Katniss’s sister is chosen as tribute, Katniss volunteers to take her place.

It’s the ultimate story of survival and had me on the edge of my seat, desperate to know who came out alive. I can’t wait for the film later this year. I just hope they do it justice – I hate it when you’re passionate about a book and then the film lets it down.