Edinburgh Festival Appearance!

24 Jun

eibf_colour_logoOoooooh it’s so exciting and also a little bit scary, I’m going to be appearing at the Edinburgh Book Festival this year!

I can’t wait, not least because my author friends have told me I will get a special Edinburgh Festival lanyard with my name on it AND there is an authors yurt, where famous author-type people hang out. I suspect I will still be clinging to the doors of that yurt by my fingernails on the last day of the festival, as they desperately try to usher me out. (I still can’t entirely believe they’re going to let me in it, to be honest. And if anyone from the festival reads this, chances are, they probably won’t now.)*

Lanyards and yurts aside, I hope the event will be pretty cracking too. It’s called So Embarrassing, and I’m appearing with Andy Robb. I’ve not met him yet, but we’ve emailed and he seems aces, so I hope we’re going to have a laugh. (His book, by the way, is HILARIOUS).

Our event is on Sunday, August 18th at 6pm, so do come along if you can! All the details are here.

*If these things aren’t actually true, please don’t shatter my illusions.

One Response to “Edinburgh Festival Appearance!”

  1. Dottie Richards June 24, 2013 at 2:50 pm #

    You go in there with your head held high. You are as good as the next person. Be proud and be confident.

    Love Dottie

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