New Suzy Title Revealed!

Me_SuzyP_CVRAs I blogged about a while ago, the sequel to Me, Suzy P is well and truly in the pipeline. The book’s finished, and now the publisher is finalising the cover and I’m waiting for the copy edits to come over. It’s planned for release by Templar in January 2014.

I’ll post pics of the new cover as soon as I can (I’ve seen it, and it looks FAB), however, what I can do, right here, right now, is reveal the title of the newest book. Are you ready?

Drumroll, please, ladies and gentlemen…



It’s going to called Suzy P: The Trouble With Three. Whaddya think?

Keep watching this space for more!




Published by Karen Saunders

I'm a writer for children and teenagers. I'm the author of the Me, Suzy P series, and just like Suzy, I'm a walking disaster area. I also suffer from embarrassment-itis. Ask me about the time I got my nose broken in a tickling fight, or ended up in plaster after opening a window or fell in a huge hole or walked into a lamp-post. There are loads more, as well... I'm also the author of the picture book Baby Badger's Wonderful Night. I have little in common with badgers.

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